Michael’s Mystery by Linze Brandon

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I received this as a review copy from b00k r3vi3w tours!

Author: Linze Brandon
Published on: October 28, 2015
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica Series: The Nations of Peace
Published by: Smashwords
ISBN: 9781310139796
Pages: 480



It was time for the Lords of the High Council to step in when the Grandmaster of Kryane is accused of murdering his own people. They had little choice but to prevent the collapse of the whole magicians order, so they sent Michael to investigate the allegations.
The people of the desert planet were an enigma, but none more than Andesine, the healer assigned to assist Michael. Why did she report the Grandmaster? Was she involved, or was there something more sinister going on?
The more people they interrogated the more they suspected that nothing was as it seemed. Not the murders, nor the Grandmasters’ motive as everyone thought.
Unable to resist the growing attraction between them, Michael and Andesine learn that they had to trust each other with their own secrets, and risking any future they might have.
Time and again the High Lords had to step in to prevent chaos on Kryane, but time was running out for Michael and Andesine. They had to get a new Grandmaster in place before the Kryane Order collapsed completely. And they had to find the who the true culprit was.
Fortunate to escape an attack from this monster once, they were risking the lives of many others in the process. Before the High Lords could formulate a plan, Michael and Andesine were captured, leaving the High Lords helpless to prevent it.
Kidnapped and imprisoned, Andesine was confronted with the realisation that if they were to survive their ordeal, it was up to her and her long suppressed powers. But as a healer she saved lives, would she be able to destroy the monster before he forces her to unleash her power to destroy the future of mankind?



This was a book that was very different for me. I haven’t really ever read a story with that much erotica in it. It was definitely something new to me, but sexual content has never made me feel weird. But if you feel discomfort at all about detailed sexual acts, this is not the book for you. There is also a scene where rape is described, so if this could be a trigger for you, this is also probably not a good choice.

This was book was really interesting to read. I had never heard of the series before, so I had no clue what I was getting into. The aspect of fantasy that was included what was caught my interest. The storyline wasn’t typical, (at least from what I know about fantasy, I don’t know about fantasy erotica). The surprises that were meant to come out at the end, slowly revealed themselves, instead of being dropped like a bomb, which I enjoyed. The story is an easy read, I read it all in one day. The flow is natural.

The book does switch viewpoints at some points, and to avoid confusion I feel like that should be clarified somehow, other than being slightly startled when we start seeing things from someone else’s perspective. Eventually it turns to being from only one person’s perspective, but it jumps before that. I felt like at the climax it was a bit rushed, and a little too sudden. It was unexpected, but it felt a little forced, like the author was trying to finish it quickly for some reason.

The detail, in all parts, was wonderful, and really did create a vivid image in your mind. The scenery was distinct and descriptive, the characters easy to visualize, and the sexual scenes were accurately and vividly described. The way that the connection between characters was beautifully stated, and made me want to share the descriptions with my boyfriend just because they were so well done.

The end felt a bit awkward to me, and left me wanting for me, and feeling like something was missing. I can’t tell if the story of Michael and Andesine is going to be continued or not. I feel like there was a closure there, but something in me feels like there are still questions.

Overall, not a bad read. It definitely was a fairly good book for me to review for my first erotica novel, and although I’m unsure if I’ll read it again, people who enjoy fantasy erotica will probably enjoy this.


3.5 out of 5 stars


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