The Wielder Diaries by Ashley Scheller


Surprise! I have another awesome guest post for you, this time from author Ashley Scheller. In this post she shares about how she went through her writing process. Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Ashley Scheller author of The Wielder Diaries: My Crystal. Thank you for joining us today as I will share a little about how I went about the writing process.To be new can be both exciting and intimidating. I can say with confidence, however, the journey becoming a new author has been a long and worthwhile one.Believe it or not, I penned my first rough draft of my debut novel back in high school. However, I would write a bit, let it sit for a month, write on, let it sit for another several months, and so on. When I went to college in Fall 2005, I didn’t touch my story. I was so busy and didn’t revisit my manuscript until 2013, years after graduating. So mistake number one, I tried to write when I didn’t have the ambition and the patience to do so. If I did, I would have made the time to write. Today, looking back, I’m positive I would have found the time. Finding the time or saying you don’t, I think, is not only one of the hardest excuses to break but one of the most popular excuses as well. Like any habit, let writing become your habit. A habit you know you can’t sleep until you get that page completed or that one sentence scribbled down. Like eating well or getting into an exercising routine, you start small and work up. Initially I’d write for only short periods of time a day. Now, hours will have passed and my husband would wonder if I’m ever going to eat.I believe a writer has been productive if they achieved being there for family and/or friends while also completing a personally set number of words or pages within that day they know they won’t regret later. Of course, when and/or how you write as an individual is entirely up to you as such. However, ultimately, we know that novel isn’t going anywhere until you sit down and get to work.

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