The Wielder Diaries by Ashley Scheller Part 2!


And I have another guest post from Ashley, this time giving us insight to one of the main characters!

Hello! My name is Ashley Scheller, author of The Wielder Diaries: My Crystal. Thank you very much for joining us today as I share how I developed my characters for my novel.
In The Wielder Diaries: My Crystal I have over ten characters and this is the first of the series. The trick to having a large cast is to view them as real people. Treat your cast of characters like good friends you have spent years hanging out with, even your baddies, and you will write them believably and consistently. To help achieve this, I made Character Trait sheets I have edited/added to during the writing process so I can refer to these when it’s time for the sequel. I recommend starting with characters who you relate to the most before going on to those who might require a little research to avoid stereotypes or more complicated because, perhaps, they’re alien and need a complete cultural background from scratch. I suggest this because to get the easier ones out of the way can prevent frustration and save time. To give you an idea how this may look like, here is my Character Trait sheet for Kayla, our heroine of the series.

Name: Kayla Roybishki
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Physical traits: Bold green eyes, thick golden blonde hair, lean/toned, short, has various scars here and there from training/battles/accidents (none on face), has a tattoo on her right arm, not curvy, flat chested.
1st In-book Main Motivation/goal(s): To remember who she is and survive.
Favorite food: Fruit in general
Title(s): Saqui. (Note: To be the Saqui you must be chosen as a Saqui has the most power and influence over the world around him or her once trained.)
Trained in: Hand to hand, swordsmanship, and Wielding (Note: Unique magic)
Family: Adopted by the Royal Tribe of the Masana Territory, Kayla is the daughter of King Enzi and Queen Nadiwa and sister to Prince Basi Roybishki.
Friends: Virtually everyone, she is very charismatic.
Enemies: The Leaf Turners (Note: Spectral entities), Zar (Note:Dragon), The Saqui before her (Note: Name Unknown)
Strength(es): Wisdom beyond her years. Quick learner.
Weakness(es): family and friends (Note: though her strength too)
Tendency(ies): Focus on the wrong thing. Clumsy. Trusts too easily. Gets emotional.
Favorite Possession(s): A golden chain necklace she received when she became an official member of the family.


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