Delano in Hollyhook by Cameron Glenn Part 2!


Surprise! There’s a second post to the Delano in Hollyhook book! This is once more a guest post, and not only does Cameron answer another question, he also gives us the soundtrack to Delano in Hollyhook!I went through and listened to a bunch of the songs and even though I haven’t read the book yet, I was jamming along. So I hope you guys enjoy..again!

Being a Protagonist as a High School Freshman

Age fourteen, the age of a high school freshman, in the United States, is a strange age to make a protagonist. Not many novels revolve around someone that age, which is one reason why I wanted to try it. However, one reason that it’s such a rare age to write about is the perception that elementary and middle grade readers don’t want to read about a character that “old” and older teen readers, although just as prone to nostalgia and indulging their inner child as any adult, don’t usually hold a fondness for the awkward stage they lived in during their freshman year.
However, it was this awkwardness, this ‘time between child and fully formed teen-adult’ that I wanted to explore, and which I thought best fit the story and themes of “Delano in Hollyhook.” The transition from middle school to high school is a transition between two different worlds: from childhood to self-aware teenage being, from being at the top of the class, the top of the pyramid, the ones the other children in school look up to, to reverting back to the bottom of the pyramid, the ones the cool seniors atschool scoff at. Also, of course, the various stages of puberty those of that age are transitioning through, or recently transitioned through, gives a sense of ‘entering into a new world’. In the case of Delano, he not only symbolically or metaphorically crosses into a “new world” but he does so literally. Once inside Camp Hollyhook he finds that he is among the oldest campers, just beating the cutoff date of what the camp still considers “a child”. However, being among the oldest he feels a greater sense of responsibility and protection than the younger, more trusting campers do, which dictates his actions. In a sense he acts as a knowing spy, having crossed into an age of skepticism and awareness that children who believed in Santa Clause not as long ago have not yet crossed into. He’s young enough to be sent to a fantasy camp yet old enough to feel and accept adult type pressures resulting from being among the oldest. To my mind the in-between age of fourteen was the best age where one could simultaneously pass as a child yet be able to potentially accept and fulfill adult type pressures. That age also allowed for the hints of awkward pseudo crushes which I also wanted to write about. Besides, since everyone is, will be, or has been age fourteen, why can’t there be a fourteen year old protagonist?

Soundtrack to “Delano in Hollyhook”

Here are some of the favorite songs of the characters from “Delano in Hollyhook.” Lenore Nevermore is put into the “dour” group at the camp. She has a dry sense of humor and mostly likes moody rock music from bands like “The Smith’s” and “Radiohead” as well as Lana Del Rey.
The Smith’s: “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore” is one of her favorites: really should be more sensitive, she thinks. Although the last refrain “I’ve seen that happen in other’s people’s lives…” will no longer apply to her after her experiences in Camp Hollyhook.
She also really likes the song “PDA” by “Interpol”. song makes her think of Delano and Hollyhook because of the pulsating beat and the lyrics about deserting ordinary life, there being “a last winner” and the suggestion that maybe it was all a dream.
Sometimes Lenore just likes to trance out and escape the world and the song “Spring Hall Convert” by “Deehunter” helps her to “go so far away…”: spends a lot of time listening to music, which is why she has the most songs on this playlist. She thinks “Here’s where the story ends” by “The Sunday’s” is nearly perfect:
Jackie Patakie was classified as a “Quirk” at camp, and going by her musical tastes she would certainly qualify. She loves the Icelandic singer Bjork, especially her earlier stuff. The song “Delicious Demon” is a spazzy frenetic weird song from Bjork’s teen punk band “The Sugarcubes”, that also may hint at a secret which Jackie is hiding:
Jackie also loves French electronic music from bands like “Daft Punk.” She always requests “Kelly Watch the Stars” during the bubble cave rave parties, because she loves dancing to it while pretending her name is “Kelly”. The song reminds her to remember her ultimate goal, despite her impulse to become distracted and scatterbrained:
But her all time favorite dance song is “One More Time” by Daft Punk. Celebrate!:
Thug the Slug was classified into the “Angries” at camp Hollyhook. He likes songs that have men screaming in anger. He really likes “The Pixies”, especially their “I got something against you!” song. Although, that might not be a great song to share with other kids because it ends with a bad word. “Velouria” by the Pixies is a nicer sounding song about a magical place far away:
Delano was either too busy or too hard to get a hold of to share some of his favorite songs, but this Paramour cover of the Foo Fighter’s “Hero” is a good song for him. Lenore says once while listening to it and thinking of Delano it almost made her cry (but what does that mean really?)
Wheeze says he doesn’t think that he’s cool or knows enough to want to include any songs, but adds that he likes most of the songs already listed.


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