Shattered Blue by Lauren Bird Horowitz


I received this from NetGallery in exchange for an honest review


Noa’s world had fallen apart. She had lost her sister, her confident, her twin. And now she was left with parents who barely functioned and a rambunctious 3 year old. Everywhere she turned she kept seeing her sister’s ghost, and it haunted her. She didn’t think anything else could possibly go wrong. Then Callum mysteriously appeared. The handsome, mysterious boy showed up and Noa couldn’t take her eyes off of him. As they fell in love, Noa learns a terrible secret about Callum- he’s actually Fae. Noa, scared, tries to run away, but finds herself right back in his arms again. Then Judah shows up. Almost Callum’s evil twin, he turns up and twists their world around once more. Callum is captured, and Judah has to decide whether he’ll give himself up to save his brother, or ensure that he can live the life he really wants.

Main Characters:

Noa- Our little beautiful, fiery heroine. She wears the mask of happiness and moves through life taking care of her sister, hardly thinking of herself. She lets down her guard and allows Callum to enter her heart. Noa reveals her inner strength and fire when those she loves are in danger. She’s someone with true compassion and empathy. She does remind me of a lot of main female characters, but she’s got so many facets to her personality that it intrigues me.

Callum– Our handsome male protagonist, just like many others. Handsome, mysterious, dangerous. He’s the typical male lead that tries to stay away from his lover, but finds he can’t because his love is too strong. However, towards the end, he surprises me. His character is revealed more and more, and he definitely has more character than meets the eye.

Judah- The somewhat unusual rebellious brother of Callum. His appearance was unexpected, but his behavior was typical to me. He ends up being soft-hearted under the tough exterior, and can’t help but adore his brother, even though he feels abandoned by him. Somehow I really like him though.

Sasha- Noa’s 3 year old little sister. She’s moody, energetic, and possessive, just like most 3 year olds. She’s the light of her families life, and Noa is her rock. At first I thought she was just a minor character that was meant to emphasize Noa’s character, but bit by bit I realized she had a bigger part to play than I imagined.

Review: 5 stars

Wow, I’ve just gotten to read so many awesome books lately! I didn’t expect to like this story so much honestly. I read the summary and figured it would just be another fantasy book with some forbidden romance. While I was correct on that part, it surpassed my expectations. There were parts that foreshadowed something that I didn’t realize until I had finished the book. They were cleverly woven in with the dialogue and vivid descriptions. The book was a rollercoaster, taking me by surprising all the time. The ending especially surprised me. So much so that my mouth dropped open and I had to re-read a few parts several times. The cliffhanger it ends on was horrible (in a good way), but it makes a good clear ending, allowing for an excellent start of a new book.


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