The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu


I won this audiobook in a contest and decided to review it to thank the author!


Everyone in Healy knows Alice Franklin. And everyone knows she slept with Brandon AND Tommy in the same night. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s the cause of Brandon’s death. She caused Brandon to crash because of her crazy intense sexting. She’s the Healy High slut. It’s written across the bathroom stalls, it’s everywhere across town, and Alice Franklin is utterly alone. Until Kurt, the nerdiest guy in all of Healy shows up and begins to help her with math. Alice slowly warms up to him, and the biggest news in town now is that the slut and the nerd are together all the time. Just as things seem to be getting better, Alice’s ex best friend starts another rumor. One more horrible than everything else that’s going around. Can Alice stand the pain anymore? Is Kurt trustworthy? Is anything worth it?

Main Characters:

Alice: We don’t hear from Alice until the very last chapter, which usually doesn’t give one a good gauge of the character. However, the story was told so brilliantly from the four different points of view that I felt like I knew Alice even before she spoke. She was the typical-semi popular girl who you knew didn’t fit completely in. She was nicer to people, and tried to talk to everyone. Once the rumors started, she was isolated. Alice Franklin was a very broken person. You could sympathize with her easily, mostly because of her reactions to events and things said. Alice just wanted to be loved for who she is, same as anyone else.

Kurt: Kurt really was a nerd. An incredibly smart nerd, and one who appeared not to mind his solitude as much as many other nerdy characters in books. However, as you learn more about Kurt, you learn how lonely he is, and to a degree, how he masks this loneliness he can’t help but feel. Kurt is someone who gets invested in things, and he becomes invested in Alice, choosing to look at her for who she is, and getting to know her side of the story.

Elaine: The most popular girl in school. Of course, she is the first to begin ignoring Alice, and everyone else simply follows her lead. I found her rather annoying personally, and couldn’t find much depth to her, but she wasn’t incredibly present in the story. She acted like the stereotypical popular girl you hear about in high school. Mainly who is jealous of Alice who slept with her on-off boyfriend.

Kelsie: Alice’s ex-best friend. She moved from a different town, where she was the shy outcast who hardly ever talked to anyone. When she moved to Healy she decided to make that a chance to remake herself. She latched onto Alice after she and Alice hit it off in the beginning of freshman year, and eventually Kelsie met Elaine. Becoming popular meant more to her than a real friendship. Kelsie seems like a superficial character as first, but as the story progresses, we learn more about her past, and some things come to light that shaped her into the person she is now.

Josh: Brandon’s best friend who was in the car with him when he died. We don’t hear much from Josh either, but it’s obvious he really misses Brandon, and he had a real connection with him. Josh is a character that acts out of sadness, not out of malice. And Josh harbors a big secret, whether he realizes it or not.

Review: 5 stars

I was surprised at how much I ended up loving this. Since my copy was an audiobook, I listened to it my car. It was a bit hard to get into at first, but once I got to about the middle of the book, I found myself invested in the characters and wanting to keep listening, even if I was done driving. I felt connected to the characters, and I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next. I was always trying to guess what would happen next, and eagerly awaiting the next chapter. I feel like this book had a good mix of suspense, romance, and psychological themes. It went a lot deeper into the mind than I thought it would when reading the back and hearing the first few chapters.


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