What Should You Do, Before You say “I Do”? by David & Elizabeth Lewis


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 3 stars


Before you get married, all couples should think intensely about what they want in a marriage. From a Christian perspective, and with Christ at the center, David & Elizabeth present a book that is from both a man’s perspective as well as a woman’s.


This was definitely an interesting read. I’ve never read a book like this before, so it stood out to me more than the other books I’ve read before. As a Christian, I found this book to be helpful with the references that are given, and explained to a degree. I really like the concept, and I think it’s wonderful that a husband & wife wrote this together in order to help other young Christian couples. They had a lot of good points, and helped me see a few things I should talk about with my boyfriend before we get married. The writing was formal, but it wasn’t so much so that I felt like I was reading a lecture.
My problems with this were few, and not overwhelming. To me, the book didn’t flow quite right. The wording had a tendency to feel awkward at time, and some sentences just didn’t read correctly in my head. I would have also enjoyed more explanation on the Scripture given. While they did a wonderful job of including verses in their chapters, I think more explanation about why they’re relevant would have been nice. I understand this is from personal relationship, but I believe some facts and information from outside sources would have helped with proving their points. Many of the things they pointed out that should be discussed in a serious relationship are things that I already knew, and have already discussed. This could just be personal though, and someone else might benefit from these. This book did seem short to me, so it’s definitely a quick and easy read. All in all, it was somewhat thought provoking, but I’m not sure I would purchase the next one.


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