The Razorland Trilogy by Ann Aguirre


Rating: 4.5 stars


Deuce grew up underneath the Earth in a very different time than we know today. Killing is necessary to survive, you can trust no one, you have a specific place in your society, and you are never to go out of line. Predictably, our heroine doesn’t follow this. She teams up with the withdrawn and mysterious boy named Fade. She and Fade are sent away from their home and must find a way to survive. Their journey topside is anything but easy, as the Freaks are everywhere. Along the way to wherever they’re going (someplace safe), they meet two unlikely friends. A gang leader named Stalker and a girl he raped and trapped name Tegan. The four begin a journey, bound together by one thing, hope. They all have the hope for a better time and a better world, and that is what keeps them going.

Main Characters:

Deuce: Our brave and spirited heroine. Deuce defies the custom norms of society and is determined to fight anything and everyone that gets in the way of what she wants. She’s the classic protagonist who protects those she loves with a ferocity that cannot be matched. Aguirre gives an excellent insight into the inner workings of Deuce’s mind, but not so much that we don’t have to wonder at times what she might be thinking and feeling. Deuce is quite possibly one of my favorite YA characters.

Fade: Our lovely male love interest. I must admit that I didn’t expect Fade to have as much depth as he did, nor did I expect the surprising things that were included in his personality that I didn’t discover until the end. Fade was an unexpected like for me, and not just for his good looks.

Stalker: One of the more complicated and surprising characters. Stalker’s personality changed over the course of the books, and it was easy enough to follow, but not blatant enough that you didn’t have to think for yourself. His capacity for emotions amazed me, and I found myself wondering more and more about Stalker and the inner workings of his mind.

Tegan: Deuce’s best friend, who as a “side character” often gets put out of mind. She was the classic sidekick in a sense, but in another you couldn’t help but pay more attention to this girl who started out as a victim and turned out a warrior. Her skills were refined, and she wasn’t perfect at everything from the start as many YA characters tend to be. You got to watch her grow, which was a marvelous experience.

I loved this series. I read the first two books within 2 days and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the third. I fell in love with the characters within a few pages of meeting them, and got invested in the book incredibly quickly. The plot line was good and easy to follow, and the twists and turns were unexpected. It kept my interest from the beginning and held it to the end. There were a few transitions I didn’t understand, although that definitely could be because the eBook I had was messed up somehow. The only thing I would have liked more of is more insight into Fade’s thoughts and feelings. There wasn’t too much of that, and I think that Fade’s perspective would have been incredibly interesting.I also was left with many unanswered questions, which bothers me a bit. All in all, I adore this series. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys YA books.


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