Placid Girl by Brenna Ehrlich


I received this book from NetGallery in exchange for a honest review.

Hallie is just like every other girl living in a small town: she wants to escape. Within the confines of her own mind she struggles with living up to her vivacious best friend, Sarah. Their band, My Friend’s Band, has recently gotten some hype and as excited as Hallie is, she still feels small. Then a message from a stranger comes in, and her life begins to finally take the exciting turn she wants. In all this craziness, she meets Steve, who just so happens to have a cousin in Hallie’s favorite band, Haze. After hearing about the return of Haze after 5 years of absence, Hallie convinces Sarah and Steve to accompany her to the concert. When they arrive though, something goes very, very wrong, and Hallie has to decide what to risk. Is keeping her friends or meeting Haze more important?

Main Characters:

Hallie: Our protagonist who actually deals with emotions like a normal human would. Haley is funny and human and real. She adds depth to the story, and makes you get invested in the story. Some people might call her a “pushover”, but to me, that makes her all the more real. Many people in life are “pushovers”, even though they would never admit it.
Sarah: The one friend that we all have. The one who gets the guys, who’s confident and outspoken, who’s never afraid to say her opinion. Sarah has some real depth to her, which surprised me. The way she deals with circumstances is the way I’ve seen “that friend” deal with things, which makes her even more real.
Steve: For once, a main romantic interest who isn’t perfectly shaped or sculpted, but is just very human and vulnerable. Steve’s circumstances create him into the human that he is, and although he’s not what he appears at first, the author is able to slowly peel off those masks that we all tend to wear.

I will not be doing Haze to avoid spoilers.

4 stars
I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. The title seemed weird to me, and I wasn’t super excited to get into it. After I started however, I didn’t want to stop. The characters drew me in with their humanness, and the storyline trapped me with the twists and turns. The author does a wonderful job of creating suspense, while at the same time dropping hints throughout the story that you don’t notice until the end. There are a few parts towards the end that I felt were a little too predictable, and could have been done differently. Overall though, I enjoyed the book thoroughly, and would definitely recommend it.


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