The Crazy Psychologist by Miller H Caldwell


I received this book from NetGallery in exchange for an honest review.


Sam couldn’t believe his eyes. What on earth was his wife doing splashing around in the sea in her birthday suit? Angie, however, was excited, she knew her Hazelnut Assessment Centre was going to do well, and the kids were so enjoying this activity. As Angie takes on two new student workers, both surprise her in ways she did not expect. As she attempts to recover from her past, she finds herself in the midst of a courtroom, facing down her sexual abuser from so long ago. When that is all said and done, Angie happens across her long lost brother in the most unlikely way. On top of that, her father comes back into the picture. Her father, who was gone so long ago, is back in her life. Angie’s decision will be the changing point of her lifetime.

Main Characters-

Sam- The well-meaning artist husband of Angie. He finds inspiration in ways that most artists wouldn’t consider, mostly those who don’t like to go out of their comfort zones. In the midst of everything that is happening to Angie, Sam is her solid rock. He’s a nice, comforting figure, although I’m not sure how complex he is.
Angie- Of course, our awkward protagonist. It is evident from the beginning that Angie does not behave like other Cognitive Behavior Therapists, but as the book continues this becomes clearer. She’s a likable character, even if she is a bit odd. She works well with the patients, and appears to do most things right. Despite her past, it’s almost as if she’s too perfect.
Tony- The father of Angie. Some of the story follows Tony around as he is released from the confines of his old life. He is a character that I didn’t see personally grow in this story, but from what I gathered, he is completely different from the man he was, and that shows.
Kevin- Angie’s first student worker. A man with all the credentials and life in place. Confident and gentle, he finds a perfect niche within the students.
Lucy- The unexpected student that shows up with Kevin. At first glance, not a very noticeable character unless you pay close attention. Out of a lot of the characters, I almost feel as if she had the most depth.
Mark-The long-lost brother of Angie. After being separated for so many years and happening upon her by chance, his personality shines through his acts. Once again, a character I feel had more depth than was expressed in this book.

Review: 2.5 stars

The book was short enough to read in one setting, which is a plus. However, the switching from being with Tony to being with Angie and Sam was confusing and a bit unclear to me. There are several spelling and grammar mistakes that took away from the story a tad. The premise was certainly interesting, especially since Caldwell professed to not know much about the subject at all. Caldwell definitely did capture the hardships that all of these characters would go through, although not as much as I would have liked. I would have enjoyed more depth given to the characters, or explained a bit more. Overall, not a bad book, but not one I would put at the top of your “to-read” list.


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