Cherish Her by Amanda Kaitlyn

Banner - Cherish Her by Amanda Kaitlyn

I received a request from the author to read an excerpt and review it.

Since there’s not much to this one, I’ll just get straight into the review.

The summary caught my attention and made me interested. There is a typo of the word “their” on the second to last sentence. I also believe that the summary could have ended at “…let her go if she asks him to?” The next two sentences seemed unnecessary and kind of took away a bit of the excitement.

The excerpt wasn’t bad. There are a few grammatical errors, but not much else. I am a bit confused as to why the words “my love” are italicized. The last sentence of the excerpt also seems unneeded.

Obviously, I can’t really give this book a very fair review since I only read a tiny bit of it. I would be interested to read the rest, but might end up a little confused with the wording.


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