Remember by Shannon Dermott


I received this copy from NetGallery in exchange for an honest review.


Charlize loved the outdoors. She grew up in them with her dad and best friend, enjoying life within the perfect little community. Until her dad was attacked and brutally murdered in the woods she loved so much. Charlize and her mom eventually learn to live without him, and everything goes smoothly until Peter steps into her life. Devastatingly handsome, incredibly funny and wonderfully mysterious, he sweeps her off her feet in a moment. Charlize (or Charlie as she’s affectionately known) can’t get him out of her head, no matter how frustrating it is that he keeps coming and going as he pleases. While she’s dealing with falling head-over-heels for Peter, her ex-best friend Alex decides to dump his girlfriend and announce his love for her. Charlie’s already confused, and all of a sudden she can’t remember what’s happened during some of her hikes, and she begins to have nightmares. What she has to figure out is if her nightmares are really just nightmares, or if they’re becoming a reality in front of her eyes.

Main Characters:

Charlize: I really like Charlie. She’s not your typical damsel in distress. She’s got a temper and quick wit, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She’s relatable in the way she struggles through different emotions, and her personality is very realistic. She was often doing or saying things that I would have if I was in her situation.

Alex: The classic best-friend-lover. A character that is typical in a fair amount of young adult romance novels. Alex’s personality at first had me a bit disgusted, because I figured he was just like most guys in these kinds of books-confident and cocky. As the book continued though, I found more of an emotional side to him than I expected, and ending up liking him more than I imagined.

Peter: And of course, the mysterious bad boy who’s too gorgeous to be real. Peter is a fairly regular love interest in most ways. However, at the last few chapters he made some choices that surprised me and ended up making me reevaluate my opinion of him.


4 stars

Even though the main plot line was common, I really enjoyed the different aspects the author added to this story. The characters weren’t what I expected, and the paranormal aspects were also something I haven’t really run across, which made the book much more interesting. I found myself not wanting to stop reading a few times. However, there were quite a few typos and grammatical mistakes that made the book less appealing and harder to understand. I think there’s a strong storyline here, and there’s a ton of potential to where the story could lead. I look forward to reading the second book!


8 thoughts on “Remember by Shannon Dermott

  1. This sounds like a great YA mystery, I’m glad that despite the familiar plotline there are still surprises to be had in the book. Hopefully the final copy of the book will not have the typos and grammar errors. Great review!


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