Heartfelt by Lynn Crandall

I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.



Asia Blue has always craved a normal relationship with a human. A passionate, caring, normal relationship. However, having a relationship like that wasn’t so easy when you were a were-lynx. Asia’s “heightened senses” took on a whole new meaning when she began hearing the thoughts of all the humans around her. As she struggles to maintain a relationship with a human, being overwhelmed by the symphony of thoughts, and uncovering The Nexus Group’s next move, she finds herself suddenly attracted to Conrad, her best friend. In the midst of all this chaos, Asia discovers that her mom has disappeared, and The Nexus Group has been moving forward with some plans that could change Asia’s colony for good.

Main Characters:

Asia: The classic protagonist of the story. However, she is a strong female lead who has worked through all of the trials of her past without relying on a boyfriend. Her thoughts are relatable, but not completely predictable. She’s got a very caring, empathetic personality and it is well shown throughout the book.

Conrad: Our knight in shining armor. The classic best friend who has always been there and is incredibly handsome. That said, Conrad is not just one dimensional. He has his own personal demons that he’s struggled with, and the author shows how he attempted to cope with them. While the concept is typical, the character is not.


3.5 stars

I enjoyed this book more than I originally thought I would. I felt like I was missing some pieces and was confused at times, but that was because I did not read the first book written, Cravings. Although told from a different point of view, and during a different time period, I feel as if reading that book first would have helped me understand better. The storyline was a bit confusing at times, but it read easily and caught my attention. The plot wasn’t too over done, it had some unusual twists and turns that kept me on my toes. Overall, a good read for if you want something easy and mostly lighthearted.


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