The Memory Hit by Carla Spradberry


I received this book for free in exchange for a review.


Jess had everything. She had the perfect boyfriend, the most amazing dad, and the grades to get into the best medical school that could be found. But on the one night she decides to do something reckless, her world collapses. Suddenly Jess is thrown into a confusing whirlwind of arson, ex-boyfriends and a new drug, Nostalgex. Sam Cooper, Jess’s ex-boyfriend, winds up in the middle of a Nostalgex deal, throwing his life into more chaos than it was before. When Jess and Sam run into each other at the hospital, their lives become intertwined once more and they have to survive the new circumstances thrown their way. As Sam and Jess race against time to save their loved ones, they come to realize that maybe nostalgia is the worst killer of all.

Main Characters:
Sam- When I first met Sam, I figured he was just the ex-boyfriend who was crazily in love with his ex and had gotten dumped because he did something stupid. As the book continued, I found myself more and more curious about him and his actions. He didn’t strike me as the same cliche character I expected. I fell in love with Sam’s personality, although he wasn’t the most “pure” character.
Jess- Of course, as the main female character I expected her to be different from the “popular” crowd, something that made her stand out. And at first I was right, she was popular, but didn’t like to drink and party. As time wound on, I found myself relating to her more and more. She felt everything so vividly that it was like I was there myself. Her actions, her decisions, her view, it was all very familiar, and I feel like it would be for most people, even if they don’t want to admit it.
Luke- Right off the bat, I knew there was something about Luke I didn’t like. I didn’t have a reason not to like him, I just didn’t. As the story developed, I discovered parts of Luke that had me cheering him on, and other parts that made me so pissed off I wanted to punch him. Luke turned out to be a character who had more complexity than I originally realized.
Amy- At the start, I figured Amy was more of a minor character that wouldn’t play much of a role in the bigger drama of things. She appeared to be the quiet, always-friendly girl that anyone could get along with. As the book went on, I realized that there was something different lurking behind the surface.
Jag- I automatically liked Jag. His humor, his lightheardness, his carefree attitude, all of it had me hooked. He turned out to not only be more deep than I thought, but I saw more of myself in Jag that I wanted to. When his front was lowered, I noticed that Jag went far beyond the surface.


For some reason, I couldn’t make myself get into this book at the start. It was no fault of the author, it just wasn’t my usual “style” of book. I began to read it slowly, a few pages at a time, taking in information and promising myself I’d come back to it later. Finally, I hit a spot where I started reading and didn’t stop. I stayed up late just so I could finish the book. I loved this book way more than I thought I would. The spelling and grammar are perfect. The language is wonderfully vivid. The characters were deep, yet not so complex that you couldn’t understand what they were thinking. I enjoyed how it switched between the perspectives of different characters, although I’m not usually a huge fan of it. The insight into each of the characters minds actually made things come alive more, although I would be incredibly interested in learning more about Amy and Jag’s perspectives as well. The storyline was easy enough to follow, and had complexities woven in that caught you off guard and made you need to keep reading because you wanted to understand. Overall, wonderful, wonderful read. It might not be my favorite book of all time, but it is definitely on my top 10 favorites.


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