Review for “Hearts to Follow” (Hearts to Follow #1-3)


First, I got this wonderful series for free from the lovely author Dana Burkey. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to read and review it!

This is my first review, so I apologize if it’s not that wonderful.

This series consisted of 3 short stories: “Just Pretending”, “Changed?”, and “Stage Lights”.

The first story follows Cam as she runs into the boy she had a crush on last summer, who then left her without a word at the end and who got into a relationship about a month after returning to live with his mom. Cam’s friend Josh comes up with a plan to try to help her win Nick back from his current girlfriend. Shenanigans ensue, and you find yourself giggling along to the silly antics of these characters.

“Changed” is then about a girl named Summer who is a theatre geek, and definitely not a party go-er. As she’s dragged to a party by some friends, she ends up helping Nick, the beautiful guy she’s admired from a long-distance because of his bad reputation. After the party she and Nick continue talking, and Summer begins to question how many of the rumors she’s heard about him are true. As she learns more about him, truths come out that she didn’t expect, leading to a different ending than she originally intended.

Finally, “Stage Lights” is told from the point of view of Tess, one of Summer’s theatre friends. She finally landed her dream role as Juliet, and the seemingly perfect guy is Romeo, and he seems interested in her! As she forms a closer bond with her Romeo, she makes new friends as well, ending up with some of the most unlikely people.
This was a really cute series of short romances that was perfect for the summer! The characters were relatable enough to catch my attention. I really enjoyed how they all interconnected with each other, each one having a character from the previous one in them. Personally, my favorite character was Summer.
Things that could be improved:
There was an instance when Nick gave Summer his sweatshirt and it was stated as his “basketball” jacket instead of his “baseball”. Just a minor thing 🙂
I found it a little confusing that the second book switched tenses. At first it was from a first person point of view, then it switched to a third person, and then back to a first person. I understood it just as well, but it kind of threw me off a bit.


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